Social media marketing is more than just posting status updates on Facebook or growing the number of your followers on Instagram. More importantly, it is about connecting to your customers and providing a personalized social experience that will inspire them to engage with your brand.

If you have several social media accounts for your business and none of them seem to be working in terms of promotions and sales, you may be doing your social media marketing initiatives all wrong. At Results Marketing, we can show you what the ideal and effective approach is when it comes to socially engaging with your potential customers.

Putting “Social” Back in Social Media

The idea of using social media for business is so that you can socially interact with your customers, fans, or followers on a more personal level — something that you can’t do on your website or email newsletters. It’s not always about pushing them to buy, sign up, download, or take action. It’s more about making them feel understood and accepted, and being always available whenever they have questions or inquiries.
This is how social business pages should be run. And this is how we do it on Results Marketing. We put the social back to social media marketing. We create and execute campaigns that aim to engage and communicate with real people using real messages and real emotions.

90 Days Social Media Marketing

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Strategic Social Media Management

If you are curious how we do social media management at Results Marketing, or if you would love to experience a social campaign with a human touch, here is how we do it here.

Ideal Target Audience

Learn more about your ideal target audience — who are they, what they do, what their interests are, what their problems are, and how your brand can help

Awesome Content

Posting in social media with creative and informative content bring more audience

Comprehensive Content Calendar

Scheduling your post is very helpful to execute to bring more traffic both your website & other social media platforms

Craft Personalized Message

Craft personalized, non-generic messages and social spiels to educate your audience for easy conversion to potential buyer

Social Media Listening

Social media listening or monitoring not only with your post but also analyzing competitors performance

Analyze Feedback, Insights, Etc.

Helping you to analyze feedback, comments, and insights of your post to engage with your audience

Brand Performance Analysis

Provide brand performance analysis and recommendations based from actual insights and testimonials of real followers

Free Social Media Set-Up

Free set-up for 3 social media platforms of your choice that will connect to your website. Personalized logo, banner, FB cover, videos, content, etc.

At Results Marketing, social media for businesses does not involve routinely tasks and scheduled posts. We make sure that your social brand represents your business but is backed by real people who can communicate and understand the concerns of your customers.

Are You Ready to See Your Results?

Whether you’re a startup business or a well-established company, our digital marketing experts can help you bring your desired results. Contact us and let’s discuss your social media marketing requirements.